​Hello, my name is Hanna Colón and I am the founder of Lotus and Lavender.

I am a homeschooling mom of 6, who is transforming my local massage therapy business in Summerville, SC into something more! 

I have a BA in biology and a BA in religious studies, so I have always been interested in the link between science and the divine. Starting out my career as a massage therapist, I intimately know the stress we put on our bodies daily. Along with the physical toll is the emotional stress and wounds that we carry in both our physical and energetic bodies. My goal is to provide the services and products that aid in both the physical and energetic healing of our beautiful bodies and souls.

I'm hoping to one day soon open a physical location that gives people access to products that will help them nurture themselves. My goal is to build a community, both local and online, where we can connect more with nature, spirit and like-minded people! 🔮💙💜🖤

I hope to share my knowledge and experiences along the way and genuinely hope to connect with each of you personally!